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Fall Service time again

Yes its that time of year. Time to make sure your heater is working properly. This does a couple of things for you. Makes sure your heater is not producing Carbon Monoxide, Makes sure your Heater is not a fire hazard, keeps any Warranty enforce. Don't wait till it gets freezing cold! Get it done now! avoid the rush when everybody turns on their heater then remembers...it's time for that check up or even worse your heater does not work.


Got a new piece of equipment! Got a great warranty? Maybe so Maybe not. Did you register the equipment? Have you had Seasonal Maintenance done. A lot of warranty companies and manufactures are really getting very picky on warranty issues. If you don't follow the rules your warranty could be VOIDED. I've seen an upswing on warranty denials.  Please check out the fine print. Don't be denied.

Fall Heater Check Up Time

Yes its that time of year. Time to make sure your heater is working properly. This does a couple of things for you. Makes sure your heater is not producing Carbon Monoxide, Makes sure your Heater is not a fire hazard, keeps any Warranty enforce. Don't wait till it gets freezing cold! Get it done now! avoid the rush when everybody turns on their heater then remembers...it's time for that check up or even worse your heater does not work.

4th Of July

Just around the corner is the Big Summer celebration 4th of July. We see adds for this and that. Lets not forget what the Holiday really means. The birth of our Country

What happened to Winter?

85 degrees in February? Are you kidding?  No really this goes to show you that in Texas especially SE Texas and Greater Houston the weather is really strange. As the famous Forest Gump said Life is a box of chocolates ... you never know what you are going to get.  Kinda applies to the weather here. So what does this mean to the Air Conditioner you have. More wear and tear on it than in any other part of the United States. This is why all A.C. guys strive toy tell you to get the A.C checked. Like a car its mechanical and parts wear out and go bad. This you don't want to happen when its  in the 100's. Get that A.C checked. Spring is coming early I believe and that could mean a HOT Summer. Call us a 281-579-8951  

Winter is Coming Are you ready?

There will be a COLD front coming in today! Actual temperatures getting in to the 30's. Have you fired up your furnace or heater? This will be like a test run for the coming Winter.  Hopefully a wake up call to a lot of you.    

Fall is Here?

Get a Heater Check Up with $25.00 off the regular price By calling 281-579-8951 TODAY

Summers Almost Over

Hope every one had a great summer. And we tip our hat to all those we helped this time. Some big changes are going to be occurring on Sept. 1st. Lots of code changes. Did you see our newsletter? it's all in there. If you want to see and see how it is going to effect you send an e-mail to ddms@sbcglobal.net. Or call us!

Is Your A.C okay?

So you did not get your A.C checked in the Spring and now its getting HOT!!! So what are you going to do if something happens? Please call us ASAP so we can check your A.C out. Before it gets really HOT like 100+ degrees. We are not there yet but are headed there. call 281-579-8951 Now!

Lennox Suit Settled

Hi everyone just came in. If you did not know about this. Lennox settled a law suit out of court. Basically what was alleged was that Lennox knowingly sold faulty evaporator coils to the public. If you had a Lennox coil that had to be replaced you need to go to the  Thomas v Lennox site ( https://www.evaporatorcoillawsuit.com )and see if you are eligible for monies. Lennox is paying up to $550.00 in cost plus $75 services fee.

Why Spring Check up?

You ask my system is only a few years old...why do I need a check up? A/C's have moving parts and electrical parts. Some now have electronic parts. These need to be checked regularly. A good example of this is your car. Which also has electrical, electronic and moving parts. How often do you have your car serviced  i.e. oil change, rotate tires etc... to keep your car running in good condition? Maintenance is just that. Keeping your A/C running without problems. You don't want it to breakdown in the Summer in 90-100 degree temps. And one more thing ... KEEPS YOR WARRANTY IN FORCE! Check out the fine print on your warranty papers. Should something breakdown and you need to get it fixed and you have a warranty but no record of maintenance. Just like a car that hasn't been serviced ... the manufacture can and will VOID THE WARRANTY. Don't wait folks call us ASAP to get that Seasonal Check up 281-579-8951

Spring is in the Air

Have you had your A.C checked for the hot Summer Season? Not Yet! Better hurry. Just like a car that need an oil change every 6000 mile or so you A.C need to get services. This makes sure everything will be ok and keeps your warranty in force. Call us now for a Check up!

Feels like Spring!

First part of March and it feels like Spring! The temperatures just right. For a little while. Then the Heat and Humidity start! So does the Spring Pollen Season. So to be comfortable, you need to get that A/C system checked not only for cooling but for air filtration and purification. Give us a call  or e-mail us so we can make sure everything is fine.

Yes it's Early But So Is Spring!

Spring is early this year! So it is very important for you get your air conditioner checked.  Why? Because it’s going to be a very hot Summer according to forecast. Generally when we , in S.E. Texas have this early of a  Spring we have a sweltering Summer in store for us. May not look like it now but May, June, July, August, September and through December of 2016 is forecast to have higher than normal average temperatures. This is based on data from the Climate Prediction Center (NOAA).  We want to make sure your HVAC system can hold up to this. The other reason. You need to maintain your warranty! In the small print on your warranty papers you will find the words … “Seasonal Maintenance required for keeping your warranty in effect”. Believe me you don’t want you warranty not honored because you for got this important item.  Parts prices have skyrocketed. And Labor is not inexpensive anymore. Call DD Mechanical Services TODAY to get...

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Ready for Spring?

Well Spring has Sprung! This is the time to do all your Spring Cleaning chores, plant flowers, Spring festivals etc.... Don't forget about having that Air Conditioner tuned up before Summer arrives! Give us a shout at ddms@sbcglobal.net We can help you out!

We have been having a COLD WINTER

We have had a pretty cold Winter this year. Along with that is a lot of new regulations and changes that have or about to take place.  We here at DD Mechanical Services like to keep customers informed of these changes. Also we have opened up a new service. We now do Blown In Insulation and Spray on Radiant Barrier.  We expanded our services to be a better able to service our customers. Want more information on these subjects? Call or e-mail us ddms@sbcglobal.net

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